GATEWAY T error 132 fatal exception

  • Error class: Fatal Error
  • Status: Critical
'GATEWAY T error 132 fatal exception' is a sign of a critical system problem that may cause total system corruption or even data loss. That is why it should be resolved as soon as possible.
However, don't hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or even more to a PC repair service (that's the average price for things you can easily do on your own).

If you are not a computer expert use the following first-aid solutions:
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One should not trample blue screens like "GATEWAY T error 132 fatal exception" . The error message of this kind implies that there have to be no delays when it comes to cleaning out the BSOD, whenever you come upon one.
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Please, never defy such codes like the crashes explained above:
    value: 3021 (0xBCD)
    description: The printer driver does not contain a valid manifest, or contains too many manifests.
    value: 636 (0x27C)
    description: A device was removed so enumeration must be restarted.
    value: 610 (0x262)
    description: {Invalid Service Callback Entrypoint} The %hs service is not written correctly. The stack pointer has been left in an inconsistent state. The callback entrypoint should be declared as WINAPI or STDCALL. Selecting OK will cause the service to continue operation. However, the service process may operate incorrectly.
    value: 6003 (0x1773)
    description: There is no valid encryption recovery policy configured for this system.
Tecniques to increase slug-paced operating system performance at no cost:
  • Do you exploit Windows Vista?
  • do you keep working on Firefox browser? Best time to as a replacement, you could quickly download and install! Include but not limited to: Slim, Voyager, Midori, uzbl, Epic, Dillo, plus different others
  • turn off automatic booting spec in applications you won't even run
  • dispose of temporary Internet files from web browsers and data kept in Prefetch folder
  • keyloggers, rootkits, adware, or to put it differently, dangerous software liquidation is cleverest arrangement to make with computer lagging
  • avoid to jam the file system with gigabytes of useless restore points
  • disable resource-demanding Windows full graphics to free some resources
  • Make an effort to defragment your disc every once in a while, the process needs at the least 15% of free harddrive room
  • do what you can to keep your system crapware, that is to say, bloatware or wasteware -free
  • lacking clear disk room: trash cumbersome pieces of data of no use
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  • GATEWAY T fatal system error is a critical Windows crash that is shown on a countless number of PCs from time to time. Mark it, when you are assaulted by one you ...
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  • ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception Program: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:00000004
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