blue screen error when running malwarebytes

  • Error class: Bugcheck (Blue Screen)
  • Status: Critical
'blue screen error when running malwarebytes' is sign of a critical system problem that may cause total system corruption or even data loss. That is why it should be resolved as soon as possible.
However, don't hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or even more to a PC repair service (that's the average price for things you can easily do on your own). We hope the information on this page helps you solve this error and save your money for something useful.

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If you are shown "Blue screen error when running malwarebytes" issue take actions to cover the OS from a whole OS break-down or even impairment of significant files. The error of such a nature alerts that there must be no delays when it's about fixing the failure, in the event you face one.
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Tossing aside these error codes could similarly fatally impact your system's durability:

    value: 13821 (0x35FD)
    description: Simultaneous rekeys were detected.
    value: 8544 (0x2160)
    description: The replication operation could not be completed due to a previous schema incompatibility.
    value: 1211 (0x4BB)
    description: The format of the specified event name is invalid.
    value: 14011 (0x36BB)
    description: An attempt to set the process default activation context failed because the process default activation context was already set.
    value: 1759 (0x6DF)
    description: The interface was not found.

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Errors that occured on the same machines:
    The Registry is corrupt. The structure of one of the files that contains Registry data is corrupt, or the system's image of the file in memory is corrupt, or the file could not be recovered because the alternate copy or log was absent or corrupt. , blue screen after check disk
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