BSOD after waking from sleep

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Terminal error code "BSOD after waking from sleep" is well-known as a messenger of critical laptop malfunctioning, if you don't look into it straight off the ice. First and foremost, the computer is known to make an attempt to get reinstate from all problems of its own accord, yet, every time it isn't able to, whereas the malfunction appears be able to do harm to the machine, your laptop displays a blue screen. The more efficiently you respond the bigger the opportunity to fix the error message.
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Shruging off suchlike Windows codes may likewise negatively impact the laptop:
    value: 717 (0x2CD)
    description: {Page Locked} One of the pages to lock was already locked.
    value: 1329 (0x531)
    description: This user isn't allowed to sign in to this computer.
    value: 1347 (0x543)
    description: Cannot open an anonymous level security token.
    value: 13848 (0x3618)
    description: Certification Revocation check of peer's certificate failed.
The way one can speed up slow OS free of cost:
  • Defrag and optimize the your hard-drive.
  • Is your laptop still Windows Vista based? ; XP is by a long shot more productive as compared with Windows Vista OS
  • reconfigure Performance configuration to assign your machine's resources to other tasks
  • do what you can to run the system craplets- free
  • configure no unusable programs are set to be launching in the course of starting up Windows 8
  • clear disk space running low: the more unoccupied room on the machine, the faster the performance
  • remove your temp Internet data built-up
  • never skip liquidating worms and advertising-supported software as well as other malicious programs
  • dispose of obsolete restore points - gigabytes of unnecessary data
  • on conditions that you keep Firefox browser installed on your machine, it should be dismissed - chalk it up, even geeks accept that Mozilla Firefox is truly tortoise-paced
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