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OS impairment goes hand in hand with blue screens of death like "C0000135 in Windows 8". The error message addressed with the utmost dispatch is easier to track down.
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c0000135 BSOD Windows 7 - no boot [Solved] - posted in Computer Wont Boot - Malware Related: Hi All ... Addition.txt 17.21KB 8 downloads.
Posted by: Joe on: 8.7.10 time: 8:39
Posted by: Tib on: 2.7.10 time: 5:18

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STOP: C0000135 Program can't start because %hs is missing. Try reinstalling the program....tried everything to fix but no avail
Posted by: Hubert on: 10.26.12 time: 22:10

STOP: C0000135 Program can't start because %hs is missing ...

"STOP: C0000135 The program can't start because %hs is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem Hello all, ...
Posted by: Cora on: 9.28.9 time: 13:16
The aftermath of suchlike error messages upon Windows could be bad:
  • code: ERROR_USER_APC
    value: 737 (0x2E1)
    description: ERROR_USER_APC
    value: 0 (0x0)
    description: The operation completed successfully.
    value: 8412 (0x20DC)
    description: The specified naming context is missing a cross reference.
Several recommendations to help accelerate your system
  • Prevent giving refuge to junkware also called nagware or swearware on the operating system at all costs
  • shut off useless system programs shown in startup configuration spoiling the OS's startup speed
  • resort to operating system's Optimize Drives to rid of complicated information access.
  • don't forget to cleanse the Recycle Bin
  • in all instances clean out phishing-ware or viruses as well as other dangerous software from Windows
  • have above 15% of the disk space available
  • System Restore tool is configured that restore points on the largest part of machines are allowed to jam 12% of your harddrive space, trash unnecessary points
  • interface graphics are the hijackers of performance, content your with "adjust for best performance" system Performance configuration to the benefit of productivity
  • work on a browser other than Firefox; Mozilla Firefox is mega tortoise-paced, it is recognized even by gurus
  • use an operating system other than Vista operating system - latest trials have shown that Win XP OS with even the beta Service Pack 3 shows twice the performance of Vista
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ERROR C0000135 - Windows7

c0000135 in Windows 8 expert What If Windows Gets Mischievous...

Posted by: Roger on: 7.4.12 time: 16:58

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c0000135 in Windows 8 expert try to install windows 7 service pack 1 update . got error c0000135. missing sqmapi.dll what are my options?

Posted by: Hannah on: 5.2.11 time: 7:26
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XP to Windows 7 Upgrade C0000135 %hs is missing

The Failure - Trivialized

Posted by: Ned on: 1.12.10 time: 17:23

How to Fix Windows Error Code C0000135

Tricks Which Are Supposed To Give Facilitation

Posted by: Maria on: 10.6.12 time: 23:46

Windows 7 Blue Screen after Windows Logo STOP: C0000135 BSOD ...

Tricks Which Are Supposed To Give Facilitation

Posted by: Rachel on: 12.5.12 time: 16:26

Foolproof Cures And Alternate Routes

Blue screen problem, physical memory dump. I installed Windows 7 upgrade from XP. I tried doing a fix install but it didn't help. I did a disk defrag, disk clean, etc ...

Posted by: Silas on: 11.13.11 time: 18:31

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Page 4 of 4 - DISM Improvements in Windows 8 - posted in Unattended Windows 8/Server 2012: Is it just me or does 6.2.9200 DISM lack the "get-packages" command? The ...

Posted by: Pius on: 3.25.10 time: 6:35

windows - stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is ...

Windows 7 Blue Screen after Windows Logo STOP: C0000135 BSOD Software. ... File Type: txt, fixlist.txt (594 Bytes, 8 views) ...

Posted by: Katharine on: 6.24.11 time: 17:41
  • When you start Windows NT 4.0, the system stops and displays the following message:
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