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"Error c0000135" is graded as a terminal operating system failure that may result in Windows breakdown. The error code of this type urges that there have to be no delays when it deals with cleaning out the trouble, when you encounter one.
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c0000135 error on Windows XP - Software Tips and Tricks

15 Oct 2013 ... Have you suffered from STOP: C0000135 error before? It attacks your computer in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.
Posted by: Pip on: 5.20.12 time: 12:21

WINDOWS 7 ERROR CODE: c0000135 cannot find %hs file is ...

Hello, My wife's computer started having this error this morning and randomly rebooting after about 2 minutes. Not sure where to start on this ...
Posted by: Janet on: 5.5.11 time: 7:15

How To Fix Windows Update Error Code C0000135 ... - Repair Errors

This page shows you how to repair Windows Update Error Code C0000135 errors.
Posted by: Clare on: 2.1.9 time: 2:58
PC guys prompt to note similar warning codes too:
  • code: WSAEFAULT
    value: 10014 (0x271E)
    description: The system detected an invalid pointer address in attempting to use a pointer argument in a call.
    value: 8637 (0x21BD)
    description: OID mapped groups cannot have members.
    value: 670 (0x29E)
    description: WOW Assertion Error.
    value: 14052 (0x36E4)
    description: Manifest Parse Error : The following tags were not closed: %1.
  • code: ERROR_WAIT_3
    value: 733 (0x2DD)
    description: ERROR_WAIT_3
Tips for improving laptop performance:
  • Stay away from encumbering your PC with plenty of junk files
  • give up useless Windows visual effects in Windows options to allocate Windows's memory for other tasks
  • malware, e.g rootkits, keyloggers has to be cleared out
  • don't forget to free up the Prefetch folder
  • restore points on a greater part of OSs are set to pack up up to 12% of your room on the storage - wipe out unnecessary restore points
  • mark down the list of applets in the Quick Launch options and remove unnecessary ones
  • use disk defragmentor to put in order snatches of data littered all over your storage device, this process needs 15% of unoccupied disc room
  • install an operating system other than Windows Vista, on the assumption that you use it
  • get accustomed to make your machine swearware -free
  • could Mozilla Firefox be your sole web browser? High time to say good bye to it! ; you see, even technicians acknowledge that Mozilla Firefox is really tortoise-paced
Experts Answer:

BSOD error c0000135 winsrv missing

error c0000135 expert 23 May 2012 ... This BSOD error occurs due to corrupted registry files and it is caused by some hijackers, viruses, malwares etc. More recently my PC crashes ...

Posted by: Sophia on: 9.3.12 time: 22:41
Errors that occured on the same machines:
    The RPC server is already listening. , oxooooo6be
What Proved To Grant ReliefUnresolved Issues:

Code C0000135 Windows Update encountered an unknown error ...

Not sure what is going on with my Laptop it appears to be stuck in a repair loop cycle and I am unable to reboot the system. Safe mode or ...

Posted by: Stephana on: 1.14.10 time: 15:20

Fix your PC: STOP: c0000135 BSOD error - Solved using Registry ...

May 25, 2012 ... For this we have to use registry editor indirectly without encountering this BSOD error. For Windows 7 users their setup or recovery disc comes ...

Posted by: Jo on: 11.14.9 time: 6:53

Stop: c0000135........winsrv.dll......BSOD etc. on ... - Super User

This error can occur for any of the following reasons: File_name.dll is missing from the %SystemRoot%\system32 directory. Your computer is loading the ...

Posted by: Vivian on: 5.3.11 time: 21:35

Blue Screen STOP Message C0000135 Appears at Startup

17 Oct 2010 ... I get this error message that says : "stop: c0000135 (unable to locate component) This application has failed to start because winsrv was not ...

Posted by: Job on: 6.28.9 time: 20:49
  • Hello and thanks for the chance to post on this site. I hope I can get some help because this is a work computer that I am having the issue with.
  •
  • 6 May 2012 ... What happen is after the reboot now it gives me this error. stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is missing from your computer.
  •

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