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fix "KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR kdcom.dll" and other Windows error messages!

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"KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR kdcom.dll" is mainly infamous as a symptom of a writ large Windows issue. This points that the more suspended the more the possibility the OS will want full reinstallation.
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Kernal Data Inpage Error - Tech Support Forum

BSOD KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR ntkrnlpa.exe SCARED! ... \Program Files\McAfee Security Scan\3.0.318\npMcAfeeMss.dll (McAfee, Inc.) [2013/05/05 18:28:31 | 000,000,000 ...
Posted by: David on: 11.9.10 time: 1:2
In addtion to the codes mentioned above, potentially aggressive system codes can be:
    value: 8583 (0x2187)
    description: Unable to resolve completely, a referral to another forest is generated.
    value: 8544 (0x2160)
    description: The replication operation could not be completed due to a previous schema incompatibility.
    value: 1448 (0x5A8)
    description: Scroll bar range cannot be greater than MAXLONG.
    value: 331 (0x14B)
    description: The command specified a number of descriptors that exceeded the maximum supported by the device.
Tortoise-like OS - things you are advised to do
  • Empty the Recycling Bin
  • It is recommened to maintain empty disk capacity 20% at the minimum
  • use an operating system other than Windows Vista system, provided that you carry on using this OS
  • restrict the range of Windows interface settings in your OS options to remit your laptop's resources to significant tasks
  • trash obsolete restore points, gigabytes of old data
  • your system is slow to put together fragmented files from non sequential addresses of the storage device, resort to operating system's disk Defragmentation or a similar utility, clear up 15% of file system capacity for that process
  • Mozilla Firefox wants to be turned down, in the event this is your browser many applications can be downloaded and installed without any problems! Include but not limited to: SlimMidoriKidRocketuzbliCabGNU IceCatDillo
  • invariably rid of snareware
  • turn down automatic start spec in the applets you exploit not that regularly
  • stave off viral infections
Experts Answer:

Kernal Data Inpage Error Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR kdcom.dll expert BSOD Kernel Data Inpage Error. Computer problem? ... \program files\common files\adobe\acrobat\activex\AcroIEHelperShim.dll BHO: wxDownload Class: ...

Posted by: Constance on: 11.8.10 time: 3:7
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Kernal Data Inpage Error - Tech Support Forum

Dec 31, 2011 · ... 8040b000 kdcom kdcom.dll ... KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR ... DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (7a) The requested page of kernel data could not ...

Posted by: Silvester on: 8.23.9 time: 10:19

Kernel data inpage error - Windows 7 Help Forums

... Kernel Data Inpage Error. I believe the stop code was: Oxc0000185. ... kdcom.dll fffff800`00bb7000 fffff800`00bc1000 0x0000a000 0x4a5bdfdb 7/13/2009 8:31:07 PM.

Posted by: Joyce on: 11.25.12 time: 6:28
  • ... screen comes up Kernal Data Inpage Error, and has been happening more and more. .... (7a) The requested page of kernel data could not be read in. .... 8040b000 kdcom kdcom.dll Sat Apr 11 02:25:29 2009 (49E037D9) ...
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