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Getting BSODs like "OxOOOOOO13" seems to be a signpost of a fatal Windows malfunctioning. Take steps ASAP if you wish to be through with only a few unpleasant memories and all your precious data and Windows on the whole - intact.
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Please, never ignore these system codes, like the problems addressed above:
    value: 9016 (0x2338)
    description: DNS signature failed to verify.
    value: 1152 (0x480)
    description: Cannot start more than one instance of the specified program.
    value: 8368 (0x20B0)
    description: Modification of a DN across a naming context is not permitted.
    value: 1319 (0x527)
    description: The specified group does not exist.
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  • Do you work on Vista?
  • cleanse your Recycle Bin on a regular basis for the the dumped documents are still on the hard disk
  • disroot insignificant services that are allowed to be starting up when Windows 8 starts up
  • reconfigure system Performance configuration to free your operating system's resources for really vital tasks
  • You must sustain clear disk space 15% at the least
  • in all cases eliminate crapware also known as uselessware and swearware on your machine
  • Fragmented data takes the computer much time to respond, defrag and set in order the your machine.
  • shift to a browser other than Mozilla WebPositive, NetSurf, Pink browser, Nuke Browser, Timberwolf, Pale Moon, Acoo - we gave barely a few instances of many Internet browsers disposable for PC users are: Dooble, Nuke Browser, Pale Moon, Timberwolf, Pink browser, NetSurf
  • dangerous programs, to name a few, adware, worms could be living on the laptop: eliminate it!
  • recover a couple gigabytes of room on the machine by getting rid of old restore points
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Errors that occured on the same machines:
    The server process could not be started as the configured identity. The pathname may be incorrect or unavailable. , OxOOOOOOca
    Either a required impersonation level was not provided, or the provided impersonation level is invalid. , OxOOOOOO1f
    The cluster resource cannot be made dependent on the specified resource because it is already dependent. , OxOOOOOOca
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