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When you have "OxOOOOOO5O in Windows 8" crashes your operating system is for sure damaged. The system displays a PC error code if it proves not able to pinpoint most of those things without a user's help. Owing to this a blue screen of this type calls for your immediate reaction.
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Commonly Recommended By Gurus Tips Answer This is a fault in the display adpater driver. Go into safe mode In the message that states that Windows is running in Safe mode, click Yes.
Posted by: Persy on: 7.5.9 time: 6:11

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Posted by: Stella on: 1.22.10 time: 18:31

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Error Messages: What They Imply and How to Overcome Dear All I have a laptop with windows 7 installed. I inserted a USB Flash and then a blue screen 0x00000050 (0xFF600000, 0x0000... I reboot the laptop but when ...
Posted by: Pius on: 12.24.12 time: 6:8

Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client Date ...

Commonly Used Tips 8 posts Posted 14 October ... OXOOOOOO5O (OX351CEOA ... Windows is reaching for a memory address on disk that is not available for several possible reasons.
Posted by: Leonora on: 1.8.10 time: 19:44
Leting pass the following computer crashes is not intelligent:
    value: 54 (0x36)
    description: The network is busy.
    value: 88 (0x58)
    description: A write fault occurred on the network.
    value: 1249 (0x4E1)
    description: The specified site does not exist.
    value: 559 (0x22F)
    description: A malformed function table was encountered during an unwind operation.
Snail-like laptop guides:
  • By all means keep off sheltering harmful applications, say, rootkits, keyloggers
  • could Mozilla Firefox be your key web browser? Time to
  • in no state of things admit junkware also known as swearware to stay on your system
  • Do you run Windows Vista? ; Windows Vista OS has software and hardware inconsistency problems
  • abandon resource-intensive Windows graphics in your operating system configuration to the benefit of productivity
  • do your best to defrag the PC now and then.
  • you are about totally being out of your hard disc capacity: Always keep no less than 20% of the disk capacity unoccupied
  • avoid gathering internet history, cache, cookies
  • cleanse unneeded restore points that stuff up gigabytes of file system space
  • banish useless startup services which automatically boot invisibly in the course of your laptop starting
Experts Answer:

"Stop error code 0x00000050 (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON-PAGED_AREA ...

OxOOOOOO5O in Windows 8 expert In the message that states that Windows is running in Safe mode, click Yes. Click Start, click Run, type msinfo32 in the Open box, and then click OK.

Posted by: Dorian on: 2.16.9 time: 9:13
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Posted by: Charley on: 4.4.10 time: 10:52
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