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"Oxoooooo7а in Windows XP" message is greater than merely an eyesore, this is a crit Windows failure. W7 or any other version of Windows crashes when it has no ability of resolving most of suchlike stumbling blocks by own strength. The more efficiently you act the stronger the chance that you will disroot the BSOD.
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Hello, Trying to do fresh install on my laptop of xp pro..when it get to download windows..get blue screen with stop oxooooo7e coxooooo5 and ...
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Oxoooooo7e - Blue Screen - Windows XP - Tom's Hardware

Provides a resolution for an issue that occurs when you try to shut down Windows XP, and you receive a Stop: 0x7E Error error message.
Posted by: Caspar on: 6.1.12 time: 22:11
There seem to be additional standard error codes that may ought to be a high sign for concern:
    value: 10042 (0x273A)
    description: An unknown, invalid, or unsupported option or level was specified in a getsockopt or setsockopt call.
    value: 7008 (0x1B60)
    description: There are no free output buffers available.
    value: 1439 (0x59F)
    description: Invalid system-wide (SPI_*) parameter.
    value: 602 (0x25A)
    description: The bucket array must be grown. Retry transaction after doing so.
    value: 15324 (0x3BDC)
    description: The registration packet supplied by the GPIO client driver is not valid.
Sluggish computer performance instructions:
  • Remember to defrag your hard disk at regular intervals, the defragmentor will need 15% of your disc room for the process
  • make certain the OS is not fed on by eliminate worm infections
  • granted that you have an OS Running Mozilla Firefox, exploit something other than this
  • make an hour for wiping out crapware also known as uselessware from your system
  • are you still utilizing Windows Vista? ; Vista system has hardware and software incompatibility stumbling blocks
  • You must maintain above 15% of the file system space empty
  • nice looks of Windows degrade speed - reconfigure the Windows visual effects to not that smart to allot the system's memory to vital assignments
  • avoid to pile up temporary web related data, for instance, cache from web browsers
  • readjust Windows XP or any other release of the OS settings to ascertain no unusable services be booting in the course of booting your system
  • empty some space on your storage device by purging unnecessary restore points
Experts Answer:

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oxoooooo7а in Windows XP expert Stop: oxoooooo7e, pci.sys: Hi all My sons computer, Dell Latitude E5400, ... I have 3 xp full disks but am only using the one on the home box.

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Errors that occured on the same machines:
    Unable to find a security identifier that corresponds to a trustee string provided by the user , oxoooooo4e in Windows 8
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When Your OS Cannot Stop Terminating...

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22 Mar 2009 ... I have windows home premium and have just started having a crash dump ... and the error code is Stop:OXOOOOOO7A(OXCO604OOO,OXCOOOOOOE ... Helpless, Windows XP Internet Explorer, 1, 7th Mar 2004 04:52 PM.

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error code-OXOOOOOO7A - PC Review

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