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"Oxooooooc3" is a severe Windows error message. Retarding to clear out the headache can become pernicious for Windows 8 or another OS edition. Keep in memory, in case you ran up one there might be no time to lose.
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A matter for anxiety has to be any of the below codes, the same as the troubles discussed earlier:

    value: 6711 (0x1A37)
    description: The attempt to propagate the Transaction failed.
    value: 8513 (0x2141)
    description: The specified group type is invalid.
    value: 56 (0x38)
    description: The network BIOS command limit has been reached.
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Experts Answer:

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oxooooooc3 expert Free online game shows where YOU are the star. Play games, compete to win prizes, and chat live with other players from around the world!

Posted by: Rowland on: 8.1.9 time: 4:18
Errors that occured on the same machines:
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    Access to the extended attribute was denied. , oxooooooae
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