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"SSD KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR" error code displayed on the BSOD is notorious as a fatal alarm. Act, the sooner the better if you would prefer to get away with nothing but some gloomy experiences and all your data plus the system in general - unharmed.
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Shruging off analogous error warnings will also fatally touch a Windows computer's operability:
    value: 15115 (0x3B0B)
    description: No Candidate found.
    value: 139 (0x8B)
    description: The system tried to substitute a drive to a directory on a substituted drive.
    value: 8407 (0x20D7)
    description: The instance type attribute could not be retrieved.
    value: 1779 (0x6F3)
    description: The stub is unable to get the remote procedure call handle.
    value: 8435 (0x20F3)
    description: The directory service was unable to transfer ownership of one or more floating single-master operation roles to other servers.
Slow computer performance doesn't in all instances provoke the urge to change computer!
  • Change Windows settings so that not many unusable applications startup at loading
  • cleanse your system of redundant files
  • clean up unnecessary restore points jamming a great deal of hard-drive space
  • never tolerate bloatware on the operating system
  • Fragmented pieces of data take the computer more time to respond: defragmenting your OS quicken reaching information on your harddrive by storing all information fragments consecutively.
  • use alternatives to Vista operating system: going back to XP may show better performance
  • keep away from keeping rootkits, keyloggers, harmful bots, ransomware, aka dangerous software
  • uncheck useless Windows interface settings in Windows options to hold the PC's resources for other assignments
  • clear up your cache, internet history, cookies built-up, as well as data staying in Recycling Bin
  • work on a browser other than Mozilla, provided that you still have this browser installed
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SSD KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR expert ... a few months ago, Ive been seeing occasional (and increasingly frequent) kernel_data_inpage_error ... the BIOS POST reports a SMART error for the SSD.

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